"It's OK to think while watching movies!"-Stan Brakhage

Board Members

  • President/Operations:
    Brian Mossman
  • Vice President/Programming:
    Dr. Dotty Hamilton
  • Treasurer: Ben Mossman
  • Secretary: Stacy Rich
  • Media: Bill Pryor
  • Media Relations: Bill Doty

National/International Advisory Board

  • Joseph Anderson
  • Marilyn Brakhage
  • John Cunningham
  • James Ellroy
  • Jane Gilooly
  • Ray Harryhausen
  • David Hausen
  • Andras Kovaks
  • Don Maxwell
  • Albert Maysles
  • Ferenc Moldoványi
  • Tom Savini
  • Terence O'Malley
  • David Shepard
  • Bob Shultz
  • Tibor Szemzo
  • Ed Tan
  • Lazslo Tarnay
  • Dee Wallace
  • Ken Winokur
  • Hammad Zaidi

About the Kansas International Film Festival

The Kansas International Film Festival (KIFF) was founded in 2001 as a Kansas based non-profit organization dedicated to the exhibition and preservation of independent and classic cinema. As a premier cultural and educational event in greater Kansas City, KIFF stands alone as a movie purist's delight, focusing on documentary, narrative, and animated independent films. The festival culminates in the presentation of several awards, including an Audience Award in each category based on audience votes. KIFF attracts local, regional, and national work, recognizing visiting filmmakers and screen personalities, increasing public awareness of independent and classic cinema as a cultural, economic, and educational asset.

The Kansas International Film Festival received a 501(c)(3) designation in January 2001 under the corporation name of Photoplay, Inc. Representatives of the board of directors include filmmakers, film distributors, educators, theatre owners, and film historians. Venues for KIFF screenings are provided by the Fine Arts Theatre Group.

Each year the Festival Board seeks diverse programming that will entertain and inform our savvy movie-going audiences. We have been privileged to present some of the best films that may not otherwise get a chance to play in our area. We look forward to another year of fantastic cinema!