Presented in Patrick Mahomes Shorts.  Directed by Yang Zhang, A few years ago, the death of the father led to the family that had already struggled on the edge of life to sink deeper into poverty. Since then, Ma Lin, 11 years old, has become the only man in the family, and interdependent with his mother and sister. For his family, there are only a few barren lands left, except poverty. In this countryside, because of the deep-rooted belief of patriarchal tradition, his sister had to drop out of school, help her mother to make a living, and to afford the tuition fees for young Ma Lin. After all difficulties and seeking on relationships, Ma Lin's mother eventually sent him to a good boarding school in the town. They thought that after receiving a better education. Ma Lin, the last "hope" of this family would seize new opportunities to improve the quality of life for their family. However, there is a huge contrast between reality and expectation...
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Category: Short Film, Narrative,
Run Time: 20 min
Director: Yang Zhang
Web Site:
Rating: g