Presented in Documentary Shorts 1, Directed by Derek Howard, Filmed deep inside the Mau Forest in south-west Kenya, “The Harvesters” is a short observational documentary about the unique practice of harvesting honey. Three Maasai men walk through a cave and enter the forest searching for beehives. After trekking deeper into the forest, they eventually find the hollowed out log they placed high up in a tree month ago. It is now full of honey combs and dangerous bees. The have designed an ingenious system of driving the bees temporarily out of their hive in order to harvest the combs without getting bitten to death. Climbing with no ropes or safety equipment of any kind, these men go about their task with a strikingly casual and practiced air. Without any dialog and with a pensive camera, “The Harvesters” is a carefully composed portrait of often invisible labour.
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Category: Short Film, Documentary,
Run Time: 6 min
Director: Derek Howard
Web Site:
Rating: g