Presented in Animation 1 Shorts.  Directed by Sigit Hermawan, Unstring Your Heart tells about the marionette player Moes with wooden doll, Djoem. One afternoon Mos was surprised because the place he used to play was already occupied by other marionette players, name Meily with doll, Rierie. Annoyed, Moes intentionally interfered with Meily's game. He performed with loud music near Meily. The disturbed Meily was forced to stop. However, karma is always rewarded. The Moes show stopped becaus of rain. Coupled with the loss of Djoem on the road. Moes who panicked have looked for him everywhere, but nothing. In the end, it was Meily and Rierie who found Djoem and brought them together
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Category: Short Film, Animation, International,
Run Time: 9 min
Director: Sigit Hermawan
Web Site:
Country: Indonesia
Rating: g
Language: English