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Community Partner: 2018


KIFF is proud to present MOCSA as our Community Partner this year.

In their own words, MOCSA offers the following: "Our mission is very straightforward. MOCSA exists to improve the lives of those impacted by sexual assault and abuse and to prevent sexual violence in our community.

Why we work toward this mission daily is equally straightforward. Sexual violence is not something that only happens in other places – it happens right here, in Kansas City, every single day. And the impacts can be devastating, not only for the victims, but also for their friends and loved ones.

Too often, it happens within a family or within a circle of friends. More than 80 percent of sexual violence is committed by someone the victim knows, not by a stranger. Without support and help, the trauma of sexual violence can stay with victims for a lifetime. So we do everything we can to prevent these crimes from happening in the first place, and to offer support, healing, and hope when they do occur.

We help victims become survivors. "

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Programming: 2018

Stephen Kellogg | Film & Performance Strings & Fantasies: A Man & His Guitar | October 13, 7:45 Tickets: $20 in advance or $25 at door

A documentary, Last Man Standing by Peter Harding showing the making of Stephen Kellogg's album, South, West, North, East. Following the film, Kellogg will do a solo performance.

Kellogg Up Close: Telling Your Truth | October 14, 11:00 Tickets: $10 in advance or $15 at door

An up-close and personal conversation with indie-rocker Stephen Kellogg as he gets candid about being a paid artist. He will share insight on what it takes to tell your truth through the process of creative storytelling.

KIFF Talks | October 14, 10:00-11:00 | FREE

A cozy Sunday morning dreaming with KIFF. Join Founders, Ben & Brian Mossman and Executive Director, Stacy Rich to discuss the state and future of the festival.

Panels: 2018

Braunschweig Film Festival at KIFF | October 14, 12:00 | Regular ticket price

Without This World

This panel is where we partner with the Braunschweig International Film Festival to share culture through film. KIFF screens German film, Without This World and live-interviews German filmmakers and BIFF faculty. We elevate the Kansas International Film Festival to a global stage with Braunschweig at KIFF, the first step in our sister festival exchange as KIFF faculty will travel to Germany in November where we will represent local culture by screening beloved film, Big Sonia.

Shaping Consciousness: Media & The Military October 17, 7:15 | $10

This panel centers on authorship of military images, where we’ve been and how far we still need to go in representing military life in entertainment.

Showing clips from some of our favorite military movies over the generations, we will be joined by active duty Lt. colonel, Terry Kelley who works in military media; civilian photographer Brooke Brown of Hope22, a military photography exhibit; and we will honor two-tour Vietnam combat cameraman, Marty Blackmore who served the local TV industry for 25 years at WDAF.

It is important at KIFF to give voice to diverse demographics. We want to hear what our active military, veterans, and supporters have to say about on- film representation, shaping images, and evolving the popular perspective. Media and the Military seeks to bring us together to inspect this relationship with a fresh, human, and service-centric approach.

This is one of the most essential areas of our communal lives and we should be having fun, learning how to best represent our nation’s champions.

Dessert Included: The Power of Mentorship | October 15, 7:15 | $10

Join us over dessert as we discuss the sweetness of diversity with Kevin Willmott (BlacKKKlansman) &, Mel Jones, associate producer, (Dear White People), as we screen three episodes of her directorial debut web series, Leimert Park, and clips from Kevin’s previous works to examine how a variety of voices in storytelling enriches the global film economy and how mentorship is the key to success.

Moderated by KCWIFT president, Erin Zimmerman. sponsored by KC Film, Kansas City Women in Film & TV & dessert sponsor, Nothing Bundt Cakes.

Sponsors: 2018