Our Mission

Kansas International Film Festival (KIFF) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the exhibition and preservation of independent film. Using the power of film, the festival brings communities together to share diverse cultures, viewpoints, and conversation. KIFF also stands as a platform for humanitarianism from all over the world. We advocate for the recognition of independent film as a cultural, economic and educational asset in our community.

Our Vision

The principal focus of KIFF for the past 19 years has been the pure love of independent film and the overall aspiration to strengthen our artistic community. Artistry, education, technology, and entrepreneurial opportunities for our guests and community have become powerful motivators in our evolution. We have expanded our support of diverse arts genres, implemented an Aspiring Filmmaker Program, and are preparing to launch additional programs to encourage our artists to invest in their future here in Kansas. KIFF is continuing to plan for our future generations. Our ambition is to become a vital part of the global professional pipeline and encourage young mavens apprenticed in our local education system to enterprise in our local economy. The role we play allows us to focus on professional mentorship and exhibition.

Get Involved


KIFF continuously assesses our impact on the community. One of our vital commitments is how
we can be a conduit to our local students who will one day hope to live out their dreams of
making films right here in Kansas City. We understand the difficulties of an entry level artist
looking for guidance and a stepping stone to catapult their careers, especially in the Midwest.
We strive to be one of those mentors along their path by developing the Aspiring Filmmaker
Program. We have partnered with local colleges to provide programs that create unique
opportunities to network and learn from not only our local film professionals but also our
visiting filmmakers from all around the world.